Weekly Enrollment Monitoring Dashboards

What do these dashboards show?

These dashboards provide three years of fall, spring, or summer unduplicated headcount, total enrollment, and total term attempted credit hours with percent change from the prior year. Additionally, there are three year breakdowns of the headcount percent of new, former, and continuing students. SCC data is filterable by dual enrollment status. Finally, the MCCCD Fall, Spring, and Summer enrollment monitoring dashboards we are accustomed to monitoring are embedded at the bottom to help streamline the enrollment monitoring experience. You can click to different tabs and select filters like you are used to in the MCCCD dashboard.

Things to keep in mind while viewing the data:

  1. We are placing an emphasis on headcount and term attempted credit hours to better capture all students enrolled across the term and to include short-term enrollment not captured at the 45th Day FTSE snapshot.
  2. SCC tables include any student taking classes across the entire semester in prior terms to better track the number of students taught and served. Current term totals track all enrollment as of the date noted in the header and is updated every Sunday afternoon. Prior terms can serve as a goal to reach for the current term.

Examples of questions it may answer:

  • Early College Manager: How has Dual Enrollment headcount and credit hour total changed over time?
  • Recruitment: Has the proportion of new students increased, decreased, or stayed the same over time?
  • Faculty, Advisors, and other Enrollment and Retention Staff: As we get closer to the start of Fall 2022, are SCC’s headcount and total credit hours nearing or exceeding the Fall 2021 counts? If not, are there any additional efforts we can implement to increase these counts prior to and after the term starts?

Log-in using an MCCCD assigned MEID and password.

SCC Fact Book

The Scottsdale Community College Fact Book contains a variety of information including enrollment, student characteristics, degrees and certificate attainment, financial aid and budget data.

SCC Headcount and Credit Hours

The Term Headcount and Attempted Credit Hours Dashboard allows users to view these metrics by division, department, program, mode, dual status, # of weeks, time of day, and by various student demographics. Explore the various topics and trends by selecting from the tabs along the top.

Log-in using an MCCCD assigned MEID and password.

If you would like to bookmark a particular view for future use (such as selecting your own division or department), you can save a custom view following these instructions. You can also save/print a particular view by following these instructions (portrait print view is recommended for this dashboard). Additional interactive dashboards are available at getData@SCC and getData@MCCCD.

Finally, an additional enrollment report includes: