Login Steps

Steps to Log in using a Desktop Computer

Follow the directions below to log into the SCC Intranet on a desktop computer or laptop.


Click the Login Button

Log in to the SCC Intranet by clicking the blue Log in button in the top right corner.

Tip: It is faster to log into the SCC Intranet if you are already logged into your work email in the same browser. 

Screenshot showing the login button in the top right of the page.

Maricopa Technology Disclosure

Click the Log in with Maricopa Account Button

After reviewing the Maricopa Technology Disclosure, click the "Log in with Maricopa Account" button at the bottom.

screenshot showing log in with Maricopa account button

At times you may be prompted to complete the login by signing into your MEID account, entering your password, and using Duo multifactor authentication. Follow the additional steps below to complete the login.

After successful login you will be redirected back to the intranet homepage.


Click the Logout Button

After you have finished viewing the site, please log out using the black Log out button in the top right corner.

screenshot showing black Log out button in top right corner.

Additional Steps

Sign in to your Maricopa email

Enter your MEID email and click Next.

Screenshot prompting user to sign in with MEID email.


Enter your Password

Enter your password and click Sign in.

Screenshot showing Enter password screen.

Duo Multifactor Authentication

Check for a Duo Push

Check your device for the Duo Push and accept.

Screenshot displaying Check for a Duo Push


Trust this browser?

Do not trust the browser if you are logging in from a public or shared computer.

Screenshot asking user to indicate whether Duo should trust the browser.

Review your page(s)

Go to Page Review for directions on how to compare and review your page(s), review and delete unused, duplicate, or outdated files, and submit a Web Update Request for changes.