Page Review

Review your files

Files from your old site have been uploaded into a folder on the SCC Intranet Files shared drive. Please open your department folder to review your files and delete any unused, duplicate, or outdated files. Shared drives

If you have new or replacement files you will upload them into your department folder. If you use the exact same filename and overwrite the replacement file the link on your web page should not break.

Review your pages

Please compare your page(s) on the new website to your page(s) on your old site. 

  • Check for  accurate content
  • Click links to make sure they are properly linked
  • Check linked files to make sure it is the most recent version of the file

Some pages on the old site had very little content on the page. You may see that content has been combined onto a single page or reorganized. If you have questions, please contact Adrianne Curley.

Submit a Web Update Request

If you have changes to your old page(s) or to your new page(s), please submit a Web Update Request. The link to the Web Update Request form can be found in the upper right corner of the website.